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Tel 01542 780045 (Antiques) 


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Take a trip this weekend to the new Cullen Antiques Centre and Salvage Yard on sunny Seafield Street - close to the best beach on the glorious Moray Coast 


Enjoy great coffee and homecooked treats while you log onto free wifi and tell your friends who you met and the treasures you found at


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Winter opening Hours.

Antiques Centre.

Mon,Tues,Thurs, Fri,Sat 11am-4pm

Closed on a Wednesday 

Sunday 12am-4pm


Mon-Sun 11am-4pm.

Free Wi-Fi for Customers 

The Antiques Centre now offers a Professional Jewellery Cleaning Service.

Stage 1: Polishing with Triplex on Brushes.

Stage 2: Polishing with Rouge on Soft-Mops.

Stage 3: Ultrasonic Cleaning.

After Cleaning. 

For example cleaning of the Bracelet would be £10 and the Tiffany Bracelet £15 


Before Cleaning. 


A High Quality Victorian Davenport (sold). 


A selection of Jewellery in the Centre at present.

For that Xmas Gift with a difference the place to be is.

Cullen Antiques Centre.


A 22ct Gold Three Stone Ring.


A 18ct Gold, Diamond and Ruby Ring (sold).


A 18ct Gold and Diamond Cluster Ring (sold). 


A 18ct Gold and Diamond Ring with a Central Stone of 0.8 carats (sold). 



Where can you meet your knight in shining armour? dance with a real Dalek, or get suited and booted for a voyage to the bottom the sea ? 

Antique Siebe Gorman Diving Suit (not for sale) 


Antique Life Size Japanese Suit of Armour


This Year make Cullen the Destination in your search for Antiques and Collectables.

"Own a piece of yesterday today" 



For that day out with a difference why not visit Cullen it now has 5 Antiques and Collectable Shops and 1 Antiques Centre.



Antique Suit of Armour


 A very large Victorian Ships Wheel.